The central part of the city is located on a peninsula, surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other by the Taurus Mountains. This position protects Alanya from cold winds and makes it one of the hottest cities in Turkey. The central area of ​​Alanya is, of course, the most touristic and beautiful place in the city. Here are the most famous sights of the city. The best shops, clubs, restaurants and beaches. It’s always noisy and crowded here. It is in this part that the visiting card of the city is located – the Alanya fortress, around which the central district of Alanya is located, and the famous Cleopatra beach. This area is preferred by those who want to be in the epicenter of events. Life in this area does not stop even for a minute.

Modern, buildable, the most international and the most beloved area of ​​Alanya among foreigners. From year to year, Mahmutlar region attracts more and more foreign residents. This region is called the Russian region. It is easy to adapt here, in every store, office, cafe there is a Russian-speaking employee. And on the street, every second passer-by will answer you in Russian.

Mahmutlar district is located 10 km from the center of Alanya, 145 km from the city of Antalya and 30 km from Gazipasa Airport. The area has both high-rise buildings and low-rise buildings, but one of the most important features of the area is its close proximity to the sea. Most of the residential complexes are located just 100-500 meters from the sea. Mahmutlar is formed by 3 parallel main streets – Ataturk, Barbaros and the embankment. All real estate and infrastructure of the area is located on these streets. Separately, it is worth noting the highly developed infrastructure of the area. The area has all the benefits of a comfortable life and recreation. These are evergreen park areas, a well-equipped embankment, children’s playgrounds, schools, kindergartens. In the area there are banks, pharmacies, medical facilities, a post office, a large selection of home improvement stores, furniture stores, restaurants and cafes. Even a farmer’s market with a huge selection of always fresh vegetables and fruits and a variety of goods is held here twice a week. The area has excellent transport links.

The beaches here are sandy, but the entrance to the sea has a stone slab. For a comfortable entry into the sea on the beaches, a part of the plate is cut down. Underpasses lead to the beach at a fairly frequent distance from each other. And one of them is sure to become your favorite place to stay in the Mediterranean.

Kargicak is a picturesque area located east of Alanya. For those who appreciate beautiful nature, pine forests, clean sandy beach, silence and fresh mountain-sea air, we advise you to pay attention to this area.


The first line is built up with low-rise (four – five-story) modern complexes, a little further from the sea there are complexes of villas and townhouses. Panoramic stunning sea views will delight you in almost every option you choose in Kargicak.

In Kargicak, the mayor’s office pays attention to the arrangement of the embankment, on which gazebos, sports equipment and playgrounds are located, on the sea you can find uncrowded clean beaches, there is a shopping center and a farmers’ market in the area.


Buses run from Kargicak both to Alanya and to the nearest area of ​​​​Mahmutlar, which can also be reached on foot. Gazipasa airport is located only 30 km from the area and the development of the airport affects the development and property prices of the area.

Prestigious, modern, resort area, located 5 km east of the center of Alanya. Oba is one of the most popular areas among all areas of the city.

The Oba district is a harmonious combination of low-rise buildings and well-developed infrastructure. This area is chosen by both foreigners and local residents for permanent residence or seasonal holidays. Here you can find real estate for every taste: secondary, primary housing, real estate under construction.

The area got its name thanks to the mountain river Oba Chay, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea and indirectly shares the center of the city of Alanya with the Oba area. The district is also divided into 2 parts by a ring road. Its upper part is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, while the lower part is located from the coastline above to the ring road.

The central streets of the district are beautifully landscaped, the infrastructure is well developed here, the green landscape design of the streets and the abundance of orange trees make this area more attractive and expressive among others. Along with this, there are large shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies and banks, large supermarkets Metro and Kochtash, and for the leisure of residents of the area – volleyball and basketball courts, a football field, tennis courts, parks, children’s playgrounds, bicycle and footpaths.

The beaches of the area are mostly sandy, sometimes with small pebbles. The total length of the beach is about 3 km. The entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable, making this area popular for families with children.

Relatively new residential area of ​​Alanya with good infrastructure. Tosmur is located between the Oba districts in the west and the Kestel district in the east, surrounded by mountains and orange groves. It is located 6 km from Alanya city centre, 38 km from Gazipasa Airport and 140 km from Antalya city.

Tosmur is a residential area, therefore, it is a good choice for those who are looking for real estate for a quiet measured life, while in close proximity to the center of Alanya. The area has a large selection of real estate. There are classic Turkish houses, resale properties and new developments.

Due to the fact that there is no abundance of hotels in the area, this area is loved and chosen both for permanent residence and for renting an apartment for a short time. There is no active development in the Tosmur district, there are new complexes here, but they appear less frequently than in other areas of the city. This area is very popular with Europeans.

A distinctive feature of the Tosmur region is its sandy beaches and well-equipped promenade. The area’s beaches are considered among the best in the city.


Kestel is a cozy, small area of ​​the city of Alanya. The area is located 8 km from the city center, 35 km from Gazipasa Airport and borders with the districts of Mahmutlar in the east and Tosmur in the west. The Kestel area is a combination of low-rise buildings, citrus and banana plantations and a calm measured life.

Active development of the area began quite recently. Kestel is a low-rise area, all buildings are no higher than 5 floors. Most residential complexes in the Kestel area are new and have a well-developed hotel infrastructure, which includes everything for a comfortable stay and life. The complexes are located mainly on the first or second coastline, which is a very advantage.

There are practically no hotels in the Kestel area, the first coastline is occupied mainly by residential complexes. Due to the fact that the construction of the district is developing more and more actively, the infrastructure of the district also does not stand still. There are already main chain supermarkets and shops, restaurants and cafes, a Russian school and a kindergarten, ATMs, bakeries and, of course, a farmer’s market, which is held in the area on Wednesdays.

Kestel has a well-equipped promenade with gazebos for relaxation, sports equipment and a beautiful fountain. The beaches of the area, like almost the entire coast of Alanya, are sandy and pebbly, sometimes there are stone slabs. The entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable.

The Kestel area is the choice for those who dream of living by the sea, in the midst of nature, in a quiet and peaceful residential area.

Konakli is a small resort in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea, located 12 km west of the city of Alanya. The population is 13,000 people. This is a good place for a relaxing holiday, without a vibrant nightlife. Suitable for those who on vacation just want to lie on the beach and swim in the sea.

The infrastructure is well developed – hotels, restaurants, bars, several shops, a post office, two clinics, two stadiums, a park, a police station, a Turkish bath, a children’s amusement park, discos (the most popular Summer Garden is located near the Sun Marin Hotel), children’s karting and even a small golf club. There is a Dolphinarium Sealanya nearby. Konakli is compact, clean and comfortable. There are few entertainments and attractions directly in the city – a mosque, a caravanserai and a chapel. Near the latter are all significant events and holidays. The coast of Konakli is pebbles, and in some places just boulders. Only a few hotels have sand near them, so be careful when choosing where you will live (for example, many hotels have rocky slabs next to the sea). But due to the absence of sand, the water in the sea is much cleaner and more transparent. You can do water sports: skiing, motorcycles, bananas. In our opinion, Konakli beach is not very suitable for families with small children. But this is only the coast, and the village itself may well satisfy the needs of “small” people – there is a paid trampoline near the mosque ($ 1), in the evenings a children’s kart runs on one of the central streets, 10 minutes = 5 $ (adult karting is open both during the day and in the evening, costs $ 10), and there are enough other entertainments.

The swimming season lasts from April to October, but the peak falls on June-September, when the water in the sea warms up to +23 … +26.

Demirtas is still untouched by modern civilization and has a sense of adventure. Demirtas is an area with a strong local atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. This is a place where the locals live in tranquility, surrounded by nature and crystal clear beaches.

There are practically no hotels in Demirtas that can disrupt a peaceful and calm lifestyle.

It mainly consists of agricultural land, as most of the locals grow their crops here. You can make many hikes through pine forests and mountains. Beach lovers and nature lovers will have something to do. The area is great for swimming, sunbathing, picnics, biking, hiking. The urban infrastructure is developed only within the limits necessary for life.

You can get to the center of Alanya by bus, the trip takes about forty minutes. There are several restaurants in Demirtas, all of which offer delicious “homemade” Turkish cuisine, while European ones can be found in the surrounding area, in Mahmutlar or Kargicak.

The neighboring districts of Demirtas are Kargicak and Mahmutlar and you can reach them by car or bus in 15-20 minutes.

In the mountains of Demirtas, a few kilometers away, is the famous Sapadere Canyon, Gazipasa Airport is located only 20 km from this village.

Demirtas will be comfortable for people who want to surround themselves with nature by finding a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is an ideal place to relax, here you can take walks in the mountains or pine forests. You will also like deserted beaches almost untouched by civilization.

Gazipasa is a city and district in the province of Antalya. It borders on the east with the region of Mersin, in the west with the region of Alanya. From the rear, Gazipasa is “supported” by the Taurus Mountains, the southern part is the Mediterranean coast. The nearest settlement is Alanya (40 km), the distance to Antalya is 180 km. Gazipasa is 50 km of coastline, even rocky areas have sandy beaches and small bays. The beaches of Gazipasa are used as nesting grounds by sea turtles Caretta-Caretta. One of the natural attractions is Selinus Beach, which is 2.5 km long. Nearby is the most popular place in Gazipasa – Kizilin Cave, which is periodically called the “air conditioner of natural origin”: during the day it is cool in the cave, in the evening the mountain “exhales” the heated air.

The population is about 60 thousand people. Today, Gazipasa is one of the few cities in which the coast is not completely filled with hotels. Agriculture is highly developed in Gazipasa: vegetables and bananas are grown on numerous farms for the whole of Turkey – there is not a single industrial enterprise, therefore this area is considered one of the cleanest in the whole country.

The peculiarity of Gazipasa is that with a full set of potential resort center there are not so many tourists here, and therefore the locals manage to grow bananas even on the beach. Of course, the status of a “quiet paradise” is not eternal, the first proof of the irreversible movement towards tourism prosperity is the opening of the international airport, which took place in 2011. Every day, planes depart from the airport in Gazipasa to the cities of Turkey and Europe. In 2012, the construction of the Marina (yacht parking) began, with a capacity of 206 parking spaces up to 30 m each. Coastline capacity: 100 traverses 1.20 m. The Marina will be a safe staging point for cruises opening new navigational routes on Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean coast, Northern and Southern Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. In the future, Gazipasa-Anamur will become the most attractive tourist route on the Mediterranean coast.

Okurcalar is a small resort village located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 94 km from Antalya Airport and 31 km from Alanya. It turned into a resort relatively recently and is only gaining popularity, so the prices here are quite moderate, while the quality of service is at its best. This area has everything for lovers of “recumbent” rest, who come to just sunbathe on the beach and swim, and sit in the restaurant in the evening. For nightlife you have to go to Alanya. But since the area is actively developing, the infrastructure is constantly improving. Now here is calmness, silence and moderate prices for everything.

The Payallar area is coastal, it is located at a distance of 14 km from the center of Alanya. The bus service between Payallar and Alanya is well established, buses run every 5-7 minutes in summer and every 10-12 minutes in winter. Along the sea you will reach the center of Alanya by a comfortable bus in 15 minutes.

Geographically, it is located after the Konakli region, which means that on the eastern side the region borders on Konakli, which currently has a more developed urban and tourist infrastructure. On the western side, Payallar borders on the Turkler region, which has a lot of coniferous forests.

From the sea towards the mountains, the area is stretched for 6 kilometers, hotels are located on the first coastline, and then, a little higher, residential complexes, greenhouses and agricultural land.

Gazipasa Airport is 38 kilometers away. Antalya Airport is 108 kilometers away.

The districts of Tepe and Bektas are located north of the center of Alanya on the slope of the Taurus Mountains and are adjacent to each other. Bektash in the northeast, Tepe in the northwest. This is one of the most picturesque areas of Alanya. Ecologically clean place with unique panoramic views of the entire coast from a bird’s eye view.

Evergreen mountain nature, aromas of wild herbs, forests with walking paths. Waterfalls are often found in these places from autumn to spring.

The region belongs to exclusive residential areas. Many call this place the Beverly Hills of Alanya.

The beaches can be reached through the city center. The beaches in the center are well equipped and there are cafes and restaurants along the entire coastline. In the eastern part (relative to the cape with the ancient fortress) is the Keykubat beach, to the west of the cape is the world famous Cleopatra beach. All parts of the beach are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Water sports are available to everyone.

Tepe / Bektash urban infrastructure offers several kiosks with various offers for everyday life. Grocery chain stores and pharmacies are located at the entrance to these parts of the city on the border with the D-400 bypass. There is a new I Love Alanya park in Bektash. Here you can walk in a cool mountain climate and look at the whole city from a bird’s eye view. There is a restaurant and cafe with stunning views of the sea, the fortress and the whole city, a kiosk, an amphitheater and playgrounds. The park is bordered by a large barbecue area. Another park with panoramic terraces is also located in this place. Both parts of the city have restaurants with unique panoramic views.

Properties in the mountains of Alanya are mostly with sea views. There are elite mansions, modern villas, luxury residential complexes with private houses, low-rise buildings with modern apartments. The old buildings are systematically subject to demolition and the construction of new facilities on these sites. This part of the city is considered an exclusive area of ​​villas. The location in a quiet, ecologically clean place and only 3-5 km from the city center makes this place especially interesting.

The Cleopatra beach area is the very heart of the city. The main shops and sights of the city are concentrated here. The most important and world famous point on the map is the beach. Cleopatra Beach is considered one of the best and most beautiful on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

The beach is wide, its length is 2 km. It is a combination of small pebbles and coarse sand, the latter being noticeably larger. As a result, the sand does not become very hot in the sun and does not stick to the feet, and thanks to the pebbles, the water is very clear and never cloudy. The entrance to the water is gentle, which attracts families with children here.

The romantic atmosphere of the beach is added by a legend according to which Mark Antony gave the beach to Cleopatra and brought sand here from Egypt.

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and well-developed infrastructure. There are sun loungers (rent costs 10 lire), sun umbrellas, toilets, showers. Nearby are bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. Water activities are available (catamarans, water skiing, parasailing and bananas), there are volleyball and playgrounds. There is a park nearby.

It must be understood that the beach is crowded, especially in the high season. Lovers of secluded relaxation will not like it here. Within walking distance from the Cleopatra beach is the Damlatas cave – a natural landmark with stalactites and stalagmites.

New, sleeping area of ​​the city of Alanya. The Cikcilli area is located 3 km from the city center, 30 km from Gazipasa Airport. This area is located away from the Mediterranean Sea, but in close proximity to the Taurus Mountains, so it is not so hot here in summer.

The development of the area with residential complexes began quite recently, due to the active development of the city and individual areas as a whole. High-rise buildings are allowed in the area, most of the complexes have a well-developed infrastructure.

Cikcilli is a sleeping area that Europeans love and choose it for both seasonal holidays and permanent residence. There are no hotels, noisy bars and nightclubs.

The infrastructure of the area is well developed. There are large supermarkets and shopping centers of the city, such as Alanium, Metro, Kochtash, Migros and others. On Saturdays, a traveling market is held, which always presents the freshest farm products.

Cikcilli is located about 1 km from the coastline, the area does not have its own beaches. The nearest beaches are those of the Oba area. The walk to the embankment will take you about 15 minutes.