Having decided to buy real estate on the Mediterranean coast in the resort of Alanya, you will inevitably face the question of a reliable partner who will help you understand all the intricacies of the Turkish real estate market and help you make the right choice. Our agency Ayvazoglu Homes is ready to lend you a helping hand and make no mistake. Our agency has many years of experience, established contacts and a worthy reputation.

Today, buying property in Turkey is a profitable and reliable investment. Owning real estate gives you the right to obtain a residence permit for all family members, and in some cases, apply for citizenship.

The procedure for selecting real estate is simple – you send a request to our managers in any form convenient for you, indicate the desired parameters of your future home and we will make a selection especially for you. If you are not in Alanya, we will be happy to organize an online showing of the property you like. You can also make an online purchase, this is a simple procedure, after which you will become the proud owner of a piece of sunny Turkey.

The services of our agency Ayvazoglu Homes include the organization of a study tour. The tour program includes meeting you at the airport, a comfortable transfer to Alanya, accommodation in apartments, a city tour, an overview of real estate objects pre-selected according to your parameters.

An introductory tour is a great way to get to know Alanya better, get to know its culture and rich history, and also feel like a resident of the city.

How to use the Introductory Tour service:

you leave us a request in any way convenient for you,

managers of our company contact you to discuss additional nuances and clarify the date of your arrival;

When planning the purchase of real estate in Turkey, this tour will help you make the most correct, thoughtful choice of real estate by the sea!

Before you start processing documents for real estate, you will need to open an account in a Turkish bank.

To open a Turkish bank account, you will need the following documents:

international passport;

TIN, which can be obtained from the tax office

After filling in all the necessary documents, the bank employee will issue you an invoice, and the physical card will be ready within 7-10 days, and you will be notified about it.

Why do I need a Turkish bank account?

transfer funds for the purchase of real estate;

pay utility bills;

pay annual taxes;

pay the state duty for obtaining / extending a residence permit;

receive rent for renting housing;

make purchases on the Internet;

the presence of a plastic card linked to the deposit will relieve you of the need to store funds at home;

The employees of our company will help you with the choice of a Turkish bank and prepare all the necessary documents for opening an account.

An individual tax number is a ten-digit identification number that is assigned to individuals for making financial transactions in the Republic of Turkey.

A tax number in Turkey is required for the following operations:

opening an account in a Turkish bank;

payment of state duty for a residence permit;

payment of land and municipal taxes;

registration of water and electricity meters;

to apply for a driver’s license;

for employment;

for admission to educational institutions;

to start your own business;

The procedure for obtaining an individual taxpayer number is free, it is assigned within 20 minutes at the local tax office.


Recently, we are increasingly faced with a question from clients about how to buy an apartment in Alanya and not move out every few months?

Does having an apartment in Alanya or Turkey automatically entitle you to a residence permit? Below is a summary of the residence permit (residence permit).

Foreigners wishing to stay in Turkey longer than the allowed visa-free regime must apply to the migration service to obtain a residence permit.

The Migration Service provides a “Residence Permit for Foreigners” in order to legally stay in Turkey.

A residence permit is a document that allows you to legally live in Turkey from 1 to 2 years without leaving. Ikamet can be issued for a year or two – it depends on you. Then it can be extended as many times as you like. It is impossible to work on such a residence permit in the country, it is illegal and threatens with deportation (but you can separately obtain a work permit). The document is a plastic card – it is called ikamet (ikamet).

Foreigners with a valid residence permit, during the period of validity of the permit, can enter and leave the country with a valid document without any restrictions.

Owning real estate in Turkey makes it easier to obtain a residence permit, but does not give the right to receive it automatically. In other words, if you have an apartment in Alanya (or another part of Turkey), it will be easier for you to get a residence permit than just renting a property. For property owners in Turkey, a residence permit is issued for long-term residence (at least 1 year).

Types of residence permits in Turkey:

Short-term for 6-12 months (for property owners, tourists arriving for treatment, researchers); Family (issued for no more than two years); Student (for the period of study); For refugees; Permanent (issued on an indefinite basis to those who have lived in Turkey for more than eight years);

The following documents are required to obtain a temporary residence permit:

A completed and printed application form on the website of the migration service; Medical insurance (issued for 1 or 2 years, depends on how long you plan to apply for ikamet); 4 photos; Tapu and its copy (for property owners); Individual taxpayer number and its copy (issued at the tax office of Alanya in 15-20 minutes); Passport and copy of the first page; Solvency confirmation; Lease agreement certified by a notary (for rented accommodation); Receipt of payment of the state fee (paid at the tax office); An existing ikamet and its copy (if you are applying for an extension);

*In individual cases, an additional package of documents is required.


If the term of your ikamet has expired, then the applicant has the right to stay in the country until the date of the interview at the Migration Service. But it is forbidden to travel outside Turkey before submitting documents. After submitting documents for ikamet (residence permit) to the Migration Service, the applicant has the right to leave Turkey for up to 15 days, but at the same time taking a permit document from an officer of the Migration Service in advance.

After successful submission of documents to the Migration Service, your ikamet will be sent to you by mail to the indicated permanent address of residence. As a rule, it takes from 1 to 3 months.

For more detailed information on how to obtain a residence permit (Ikamet) in Turkey, contact Ayvazoglu Homes specialists on our website.